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01 March 2007 @ 02:09 am
In yoga tonight (where apparently I do not leave the outside world outside so well, because I just think about things to write in my LJ,) our teacher spent the last 20 minutes telling us all about our chakras. Which was cool with me because it meant more lying down and breathing time than we normally get, and in what other gym-based activity to you get sanctioned nap time? It rocks.

Anyway, so she's going through the chakras and talking veeeery soooothingly about the 1st chakra at the base of your spine and it is red, a beauuuutiful rrrreeeddd, and the second chakra is at your lower back and it is a beeeeauuuutiful ooooorange, and as she points them out we're supposed to concentrate our breath to each chakra. No problem, right? But then she gets to the third chakra which is a beautiful yelllllow and it is located at the solar plexus, and I'm gearing up to send my breath to my lovely, yellow solar plexus, but for some reason my breath kind of pauses at the sternum region and I realize I have no idea where my solar plexus is. NONE. Where the hell is it? I need to go back to biology 1. So I'm trying to remember where it is and none of what I learned in Freshman science is coming back to me (which is odd, because I REALLY paid attention in that class which may or may not have been because my teacher was all kinds of hot.) But all I can remember about the solar plexus is that is is one of the parts mentioned in a song we sand in 4th grade choir. I think I'll share a few versus, because it's just too good to keep to myself.

Oh Senor Don Gato was a cat.
On a high red roof Don Gato sat.
He went there to read a letter
(meow meow meow)
for the reading light was better
(meow meow meow)
T'was a love note for Don Gato!

"I adore you" wrote the lady cat.
Who was fluffy, white, and nice and fat.
There was not a sweeter kitty
(meow meow meow)
In the country or the city
(meow meow meow)
And she said she'd wed Don Gato!

Oh Don Gato jumped so happily,
he fell off the roof and broke his knee.
Broke his tail and all his whiskers
(meow meow meow)
and his little solar plexus
(meow meow meow)
"Ah Caramba!" cried Don Gato!

ANYWAY! I think three verses is enough for now, but the song goes on to say that Don Gato dies, all the other cats are sad, they have a funeral followed by a funeral progression that goes through a fish market, and those little fishies are so fragrant they wake Don Gato up! From the dead! I'd hate to work in that fish market.

But, yes, that song encompasses all my knowledge about the solar plexus. It is a part. That the writer of the song seemed to think rhymed with whiskers. That's all I got. And wikipedia wasn't much help either. It had some scary drawing from Gray's Anatomy, which, I gotta say, isn't nearly as accessible as the TV show with a similar name. But as far as I can tell the solar plexus is in the stomach region? And has some purpose?


If I were the type of person who had an organized blog-type thing with categories and whatnot, I'd have a section devoted to things I've overheard people say in the gym. What is it about the gym that makes people check their brains at the door? Overheard in the past few weeks...

Very fit guy saying to a friend "You know, I've seen Greg here about five times this past week. I've seen a lot of people I know here recently. I don't understand why people are always here."

This just strikes me as the most idiotic thing ever muttered. After saying that he's been to the gym five times in one week, this guy wonders why people are always there? That's like wondering why all people INSIST on being carbon-based when you were busy being carbon-based first.

OR. There was 60-year-old man #1 talking to 60 year-old man #2 saying that he liked the look of this 22 year-old girl but he didn't think she was very smart. Because she's 22. He then went on to talk (very LOUDLY) about talking Viagra and how it certainly helps to keep going all night with those 22 year-old girls. Who he's still totally willing to bone even though their youth makes them so damn idiotic.

Yes. Being a 22 year-old girl is clearly equivalent to being stupid. While talking about the workings of your old-man-plumbing for the world to hear is very very smart. On behalf of 22 year-old girls (which I am not anymore but was very recently), ew. Oh, and by the way. I'm pretty sure I'm smarter than you.
14 February 2007 @ 10:10 pm
In yoga today, we were doing the whole relaxing thing at the end where you just lay there and breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out. And you are supposed to lay in a very specific way, which I never get right. So I'm laying and breathing and I hear these very compact little footsteps rushing towards me. And suddenly the instructor is upon me and she's pulling my legs and pushing my shoulders down and she reeks of lavender, because apparently if you are that into yoga you starts to emit relaxing odoriferous liquid from your very pores. Or perhaps she just had lavender oil in her hands. But the she goes SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP! and rubs lavender on my neck and each foot before she rushes away quick as can be. So I go back to trying to relax but I can't but I realize I just got an attack massage. Massage by attack! Attack massage! And it was so absurd that I began to snicker and it just got worse as I heard people around be gasping in surprise as they got their attack massages.

Damn, my like is boring.
12 February 2007 @ 07:18 pm
from chris kelly's blog, which i'm just know catching up on after being out of the country for awhile (i love that excuse.) now, my iTunes is on random, i need to explain myself when the song that pops up is embarrasing. no cheating.

1. Easy Living, Billie Holiday.
Not embarrassing, but I don't feel particularly proud as I've never listened to this song before. Not bad. I should listen to it again.

2. Checkout Blues, Eels.
I copied a bunch of Eels CD's from my friend Ciaran, and I think they're pretty okay. Andrew, on the other hand, LOVES them. It's like I've reunited him with the musical missing piece of his heart. I feel proud.

3. Heysatan, Sigur Ros.
I want to love Sigur Ros, I do. But... I don't. Their music is pretty, and it's pretty, and for GOD'S SAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN ALREADY. Although, as I'm listening to this song, it's actually pretty good.

4. Must be Dreaming, Frou Frou.
I really like Frou Frou. Sadly this song is skipping and driving me crazy so I am moving swiftly along.

5. Fool, Neutral Milk Hotel.
Man, Neutral Milk Hotel might just be my favorite band ever, and that is based on their one album. It is amazing, and breathtaking and heartbreaking and I urge everyone to listen to " In The Aeroplane Over the Sea" right now. About 20 times in a row. And then read "The Diary of Anne Frank" because it was the inspiration for the album.

6. The Lovecats, The Cure.
Man, six songs in and I have yet to be embarrassed. Where is the embarrassing music? I know I have Britney Spears on here somewhere. I listened to the Cure A LOT my junior year in Ireland. It definitely captures that time for me.

7. Smokey Mountain Memories, Dolly Parton.
Okay, maybe this is embarrassing. Only... no. It's not. Because Dolly is amazing and a brilliant songwriter. And when she was in "Steel Magnolias" the director snapped at her and said "Don't you know how to act?" and SHE said "No, but it's your job to make me look like I do." How great is that!?! Love her.

8. Indian Summer, Pedro the Lion.
Man, does this take me back to senior year of college, driving from Newport to UCI for class. This is my favorite PTL song, I think. It's so depressing! Corporate Cum! Can't beat that.

9. Pi, Kate Bush.
I got this album from my friend Cate and I think I listened to about half of it before I gave up. A little too inaccessable for where I am in my musical tastes these days. ESPECIALLY this song. She literally sings the number Pi. I'm putting it off for a time in my life when I feel more artsy.

10. Hurt, Johnny Cash.
I don't really have anything to say here. Good song, good cover.

11. Trusted, Ben Folds.
Maybe my fav song off "Songs for Silverman." It was also the first song he played at the concert in Dublin I just went to. It rocked.

12. It's a Wonderful Life, Sparklehorse.
Still nothing embarrassing. This is very strange. Sparklehorse is another band I was obsessed with during my junior year abroad. I'd sit in my room and listen to their strange, whispery songs all night and just be introspective and quiet.

13. You Got Lucky, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
I never, ever listen to Tom Petty.

14. Pardon Me, Mundy.
Mundy is an irish singwriter who has one song I really really like. This is not that song.

15. The Upper Peninsula, Sufjan Stevens.
I just got this album so I haven't really gotten a chance to fully appreciate it. But this song is very pretty, just like all his stuff.

16. Lost Cause, Beck.
Another Cate contribution to my music collection. I never became a huge Beck fan, but I do like this song.

17. Reunion, Mundy.
This is also not the song I like by Mundy. Go away Mundy. You're not that good.

18. The Big Fight, Stars.
I got this album from Kara and I LOVE it. Who are Stars and why don't I know more about them? Kind of like Postal Service with more female vocals.

19. Bottle up and Explode!, Elliot Smith.
I've realized I'm less likely to have embarrassing music on my iTunes than I am to have great music that is so scratched that it is impossible to listen to. It's a damn shame too, because I used to really love this song.

20. Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani.
Finally! Something genuinly embarrassing. This CD is my first iTunes purchase. I used to jog to it. Which I guess isn't that embarrassing.

21. Second Lovers Song, Townes Van Zandt.
More people should listen to Townes Van Zandt. Well, more people I know, anyway.

22. Carrying Cathy, Ben Folds.
I was wondering how there wasn't more Ben on this playlist.

23. Close to Me, The Cure.
This was a great getting ready song my junior year. I'd have some vodka and cranberry juice, do my makeup, and dance around to this. What a year.

24. Jerusalem, Steve Earle.
My friend Lacey introduced me to Steve Earle. I loved him dearly for about three months and then kind of forgot about him. Good song, but a little too country for my tastes these days.

25. July, Mundy.
This, THIS is the song I love! I got really annoyed when Mundy popped up again, but it's the good song! And we'll leave it at that.
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17 December 2006 @ 06:18 pm

I just found this photo from my graduation on the NUI Galway website. That's Cathill, Naomi, Celeste, Laura, Jean, Des, Bill, Dave, Danny and Mary in back. Cate and I are in front acting drunker than we are. They all had a Christmas party in Galway last night. If I wasn't going to see them in January, I'd be a very sad girl right now.
11 December 2006 @ 06:08 pm
so... i got fired today. THAT was a first.

i don't really care, because i pretty much despised that place. but... getting fired when you should be getting nominated for employee of the month? it smarts a bit.

especially two weeks before christmas. thanks guys! merry christmas to you too!

but don't worry y'all. i got my revenge. as a parting gift i took a bottle of diet coke home with me. AND an orangina.

right, time for a margarita.
hey guys! my hair's straight right now-- i feel like a whole new person. a person who updates perhaps? i don't know. let's see, shall we?

so there's this thing with ben folds and me. he likes to play in california when i am in ireland, and he likes to play in ireland mere days after i have left the country. if i didn't know in my soul that ben folds is good and kind, i might think he was just trying to be antagonistic. needless to say, i was not surprised when andrew casually mentioned that mr. folds was going to be playing in dublin in january and he was thinking of going. OF COURSE, right? not only am i not living in the same country as my boyfriend, i am also not going to the concert of an ARTIST I INTRODUCED HIM TO with him, and mr. andrew is being all flip about it. like, "you know, i might go, whatever, la dee da." and i am thinking "LIFE IS UNFAIR, WHERE ARE MY TAP SHOES*"

And then he says "maybe you'd like to go as well?"


So... for a kind of late Christmas present I'm flying to Ireland (!) to visit for two weeks (!!) and to go to a ben folds concert with andrew (!!!) and see all my irish-type friends again (!!!!**)

So, even though life is not terribly exciting right now (working in a bakery, going to gym, watching lots of TV and being generally lame,) I have something FANTASTIC to look forward to. And life right now isn't too boring. In fact, exciting things have happened in between episodes of Veronica Mars.

i think i'm going to catch everyone up on said exciting events with pictures. less writing for me, more color for you. everyone wins!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my brother got married! and i have no photos of the actual bridal party for some reason... but here i am with my parents and andrew. this is actually the only pic i have because someone sent it to me. i am hoping i don't look so white and... white in the rest of the pics... anyway, it was at a vineyard and it was very lovely, and everyone enjoyed themselves very much.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
then i went to a wine tasting party at janelle's house. and boy, did i taste wine. i tasted about 6 or 7 glasses of wine. they were all very tasty.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
THEN i went to ireland in october, because, apparently, going to ireland is what i do best. but i decided to mix it up, and i ALSO went to northern ireland. that's a whole other country! full of strife! in fact we saw a known IRA terrorist ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Kelly_%28IRA_bomber%29) walking down the street, all casual like! true story! i have no pictures of him, because i am not crazy. instead i have a picture of andrew and i being all quaint (hi rachel!) on an irish hillside.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Then I graduated! I'm masterful!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
When I came back to the States I went out for Kara's birthday.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And realized that compared to my (amazon-like) friends, I am about 2 feet tall.

And thus concludes the picture section of this entry! I think I'm done here. Goodnight kids!***

*When I was a kid and I got sent to my room, I used to put on my little tap shoes, lie flat on ground in front of my door and SLAM my little clickity-clackity shoes on the door while screaming about how unfair the punishment was. Obnoxious and vile, no? But, maybe just a little genius as well? Anyway, when I have a "life isn't fair" moment I always want to put on tap shoes. Go figure.

**part of me actually feels a bit nervous about telling them I'm coming back to visit again. because i had a going away shin-dig in september. then i came back for graduation in october and had to say goodbye to everyone again. and now it's like, hey! just kidding! i'm coming back in january! but when i leave this time it's FOR SERIAL. say good bye again and mean it! it's like steven's last night in town. its got ben folds and everything.

***would you look at that! looks like straight-haired candace is capable of writing an actual entry. who knew!
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06 November 2006 @ 08:53 pm
reason #109 why i love andrew

i mentioned that i put the stuffed bear he got me in the washing machine because it was dirty. when i told him the felt off the bear's little black nose had rubbed off, andrew said, in a very accusatory voice, "well, did you wrap him in a towel?"

he warms my heart.

in other news, i got a job in a bakery. another one. i am a glutton for punishment. a glutton who needs a real job.
1. What is the last alcoholic beverage you drank?
white wine

2. Do you follow college football?
ha. no.

3. How many miles does your car have on it?
i don't know. i'm so bored i considered running outside to check. that's just too sad.

4. Who was the last person to send you a text message and what was it about?
andrew to say he was home so i could call him.

5. Last time you went swimming in a pool?
september 18, the day after my brother's wedding. the pool at the hotel was just so pretty, i had to dive in.

6. Are you happy?

7. Where was the last place you went shopping?

8. How do you feel about your hair?
i like it a lot, but i do wish it was easier to do different things with it.

9. Where do you work?
nowhere. someone employ me please. i'm broke.

10. Last thing you ate?
an apple.

12. Last time you smoked a cigarette?
a few weeks ago when i was feeling stressed.

13. Do you have any expensive jewelry?

14. AIM or MSN?
neither really.

15. What classes are you taking?
none. i just graduated from my master's program. life is sad.

16. How many hours on average do you work a week:
none. again, employ me.

17. What is your favorite brand of make up?
MAC and Clinique

18. Favorite NFL team?
i don't follow football. but apparently whoever wrote this survey does.

19. Do you watch the Olympics?

20. Last bar you went to?
The Huntsman. I was expecting it to be this quaint irish pub and it turned out to be all swanky. lame.

21. Who was the last person to call you?

22. What's your astrological sign?

23. Do you have a favorite number?

24. Last time you did volunteer work or made any donations?
i just donated a little last month to breast cancer research.

25. What do you spend the majority of your money on?
clothes, food and drinks. not anymore though! new leaf time.

26. Where does most of your family live?

27. Are you an only child or do you have siblings
two older brothers.

28. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
not as much as a lot of california girls, but to a degree, yes.

29. Ever been called a bitch?
not to my face.

30. Got any guilty pleasures?
"the bachelor" is my crack.

31. Do you drink beer?
yes. yummy.

32. Do you drink liquor?
very rarely. i'm more into wine and beer.

33. Did you ever collect Beanie Babies?
i don't think i every owned a single beanie baby.

34. Ever ordered anything online?
shoes from zappos.

35. Myspace or Facebook?

36. Do you have T-Mobile?

37. What is your favorite subject?
english lit. i miss it. wah.

38. who is the person that took this before you?

39. Do you usually fall for the "bad boys"/"bad girls"?
i used to then i came to my senses and fell for a very nice boy.

40. Were you an outcast in high school?

41. Last time you saw your parents?
This morning.

42. Do you have any talents?
useless movie trivia, occasionally writing. it used to be singing, but damn am i out of practice.

43. Ever been in a wedding?

44. Do you have any children?
no. no no no.

45. last movie you watched?
miss congeniality 2. i don't know why...

46. are you missing anyone right now?
yes. andrew lives in Ireland. it sucks.

47. Did you take a nap today?
nope. i should have though, i could have killed some time that way. sooooo boooored (hence the watching of miss congeniality 2)

48. What was your high school's mascot?
scotty dog. in a tartan. the tartan was very important.

49. Ever been on a cruise?

50. Favorite vacation spot?
ireland in the summer when it's nice. and i am dying to go someplace tropical. who wants to take me to fiji? anyone?

51. How many pets do you have?
two whiny cats.

52. Do you have any wealthy friends?
yes. not crazy rich though.

53. Ever met anyone really famous before?
i met cameron diaz and richard simmons at the airport. they weren't together though. also seen at airports: kevin pollack (his eyebrows were very very tweezed,) Evan Handler from Lost and Sex and the City, Scott Ian from Anthrax and all those VH1 specials. Oh and I saw Jimmy Fallon walking down the street in Galway. I wasn't sure if it was him then I met this girl who told me she'd slept with Jimmy Fallon in Galway the same week I saw him. Yeah, her story is better.

54. Favorite actress?
Toni Collette

56. Are you multi-tasking right now?
i'm eating dinner while i fill this out. i'm so efficient! give me a job!

57. Could you handle being in the military?
absolutely not. no way.

58. Are you hungry or thirsty?
i'm taking care of that issue this very moment. with pizza and ice tea. (iced tea? does it matter?)

59. Favorite fast food restaurant?
del taco.

60. Do you have any grandparents still alive?

61. What is your average cell phone bill?
probably a lot considering i'm texting ireland about 10 times a day.

62. Do you own a camera phone?
yes but i hate it. not the camera. just the phone.

63. Ever had to take a sobriety test?

64. Do you believe in Karma?
maybe a little.

65. Can you speak any other languages?
spanish is the only cast i was actually afraid i would fail. so no.

66. Last time you went to the gym or worked out?
went to the gym on friday.

67. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
probably 15-20.

68. Do you have a photo hosting site that you use?

69. Last place you drove in a car:

70. What is your college mascot?
anteater. zot.

71. Ever been to Las Vegas?
when i was nine. but i'm going again in jan or feb. yay!!!!

72. Nicest Hotel you ever stayed in?
ritz carlton.

73. Have you ever bought condoms?
that's the boy's job (don't mind me, just doing my bit to set the women's movement back! tra la la)

74. How much money did you make today?

75. What do you think is your best feature?

76. Have you ever been gambling?

77. How old are your parents?
i'm not exactly sure. in their 50's.

78. When is the last time you updated your blog?
it's been ages. and ages.

79. Do you have your wisdom teeth?
no, i said goodbye to them sophomore year.

80. Best chap stick?
burt's bees.

81. Have you been to New York City?
yes with my old choir. about time to go back i think.

82. Favorite sit down restaurant?
fat freddies.

83. Ever been to Disneyland?

84. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
no, but i watched dora the explorer for about a million hours last night with my niece. que bueno!

85. Last thing you cooked?
does guacamole count as "cooking"? no? then salmon.

86. How is the weather today?
it was pretty outside but way too hot for november. i'm scared for the planet.

87. Do you e-mail?
well, i'm younger than 75 so the answer would have to be yes.

88. Last letter/piece of mail you received besides junk or a bill?
invitation to a wedding.

89. Favorite store?
topshop. why can't there be one in california? stupid british store!

90. Favorite department?

91. Last voicemail you received?

92. Do you drunk dial?
i think the greatest moment of this weekend was when kris said "thanks for leaving that drunk voicemail kara. it was so funny" and kara said "i did WHAT?"

93. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
left long, rambling messages about the beach on my friends voicemail. good times.

94. What is the best city in the state that you lived in?
Galway. I hate the stupid weather but the city is so so amazing.

95. Favorite band?
who can pick a favorite? ben folds? beatles? neutral milk hotel? too much good music out there.

96. Last time you were sick?
last spring.

97. Are you bored right now?
god, yes.

98. Next concert you plan on attending?
no plans for a concert. y'all should let me know if there's a good one coming up.

99. Do you watch reality tv?
i have a few i watch but i can't watch too many. real people are too dumb. give me pretty actors saying witty lines any day.

100. What are your plans for tomorrow?
hand out resumes. go to gym. what a terribly exciting life i lead!
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03 October 2006 @ 10:31 pm
Hi friends!

So, I am at my parents house in Glendora for the time being. Which is nice in that my room is pretty and they feed me and there's always wine, and it usually costs more than $9 a bottle. Is this luxury or what?

But the problem is the whole internet thing. It is not wireless. So my pretty computer that I can carry around and take into my pretty room does not actually hook up to the magical interconnective thingy that is the internet. If I want to waste time online I have to sit at a desk. In the study. Where there is no TV or cushy beds. Pfft is what I say to that! So yesterday I decided to write an entry as a word document on my laptop then, you know, transfer it onto the big, immobile desky computer. So I wrote! There were transitions and like a whole paragraph devoted to personal trainers at the gym and how they are mean mean people who inflict the soreness and are mean.

But then I remembered that one computer is smarter than I, and two computers? Trying to come together to work for me? Never going to happen. So you don't get that entry. You get this one. Which is a bum deal for everyone. Because this entry doesn't have a spanish guy in it. The last entry had a spanish guy but I can think of no way in which to incorporate spanish guy into this entry.

What did the last entry say, you ask? Well, there was the whole thing about personal trainers = evil. So there was that. And there was me telling y'all that yesterday (today when entry was written) was (is) Andrew's birthday. He's 26! Like a grown up or something.

Um, what else... Oh! I spent some time talking about the fact that I went to Target and bought underwear that were way too big. There was an accompanying list with bullet points. Yeah, I don't know. It seemed funny at the time... but not so much now.

Right! Well, I think my work is done hear. My "work" being trying to convince the two people who read this yoke that I am still alive and obsessed with telling the internet all about my life (example: I ate sushi today! Fascinating, no?) Anyway, hi Lindsay and Lacey! Keep on rocking in the free world.

Cleary time for bed.
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28 September 2006 @ 11:35 pm
i was just looking at the website for the university i went to in ireland. on the "academic calendar" page, the background was a picture of a bar in town, located about 20 minutes from the university. it's not even a very student-y bar.

eh. why not?